Tudor Florescu

Sales Engineer and Bitdefender Product Evangelist

Security software expert with 10+ years of IT Security industry experience, Tudor Florescu leverages his expertise in Cloud, Virtualization, IaaS and SaaS to help customers make the best security decisions for their environment.  Since 2015 he is delivering on point competitive knowledge and product positioning to account executives and Bitdefender channel partners, enabling them to design and offer the best solutions for their customers.

Topic: The Art of War

„If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.“Sun Tzu, Art of War. 

The art of War presentation uses Sun Tzu quotes from The Art of Art book to talk about how ancient military advice can be applied with today’s cyberspace.It stresses the importance of customers knowing themselves (critical infrastructure, assets, software) and your enemy (cyber criminality / threats).