Petr David

 Sr. Principal Presales Consultant, Czech Republic, Slovakia & Baltics, Veritas

Petr David is mature data protection expert who dealt with almost all enterprise data protection solutions. After more than 6 years with Legato NetWorker and IBM TSM, he joined Symantec back in 2006 where he was responsible for complete Veritas portfolio. He left Symantec in 2012 to pursue other opportunities and re-joined the Veritas team in 2017 to continue his journey and introduce new products and technologies Veritas have developed to customers and partners in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Topic: Measure risk in real time to support business decisions with Veritas Resiliency Platform

There are many zero-day threats not all cyber-security solutions can protect us against. If everything fails, there is a data protection solution that helps us to recover from such an event. In this presentation we’ll introduce you a solution that makes disaster recovery even easier and faster. No matter you don’t have a disaster recovery location. You can benefit from a cloud offering that keeps your costs down as you pay only when you use it.