Ciarán Stapleton

Sales Manager Eastern Europe, Enterprise Sales, IAMS, HID

Topic: The Modern Authentication Approach: From High Assurance to Frictionless Authentication with HID DigitalPersona®


A one size fits all to approach to authentication - one that relies on a single authentication factor and applies it to all users - works for very few organizations anymore.  Most need a wide variety of authentication methods to cover a vast set of use cases.  The DigitalPersona® software solution from HID Global takes a layered multifactor authentication approach providing a way to fit high-security use cases alongside mid-level and frictionless, all in a single platform.  Come and see for yourself how no other solution in the marketplace can provide so much flexibility to deliver authentication services to on-premise (Win desktop, servers, mainframe) and cloud (ADFS, O365) with such a broad variety of authentication methods: traditional, biometric, behavioral and risk-based.

Topic: Demonstration of the DigitalPersona Authentication Solution (Technical workshop)