Anil Bhandari

Chief Mentor, ARCON Techsolution Pvt Ltd

Anil Bhandari is an inspired innovator, technologist and thought leader in Information Risk Management. Anil is an early investor in high-growth technologies. As an investor and mentor, he works in tandem with an array of early-stage technology companies which focus on mitigating new generation risk. In his spare time, He particularly enjoys reading up on the IT security and internet of things (IoT). He serves as the Chief Mentor at ARCON. An ardent speaker, Anil can talk in length about innovation and technology particularly related to the Internet of Things.

Keynote topic: The role of predictive technologies in changing the cyber threat landscape

We live in the age of the data-driven world. It's like a modern-day fuel. From AI to IOT, data is transforming our day to day lives. But as modern day mankind turns tech-savvy, cyber crooks are also getting more canny. As data seamlessly flows across our devices, the threat of possible misuse always linger. Ergo, IT security in the next decade will be contextual: data will be protected not machines.